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Richard Margolis

“Spirit of the River: Photographs by Richard Margolis

Prints of the 1000 Islands from the past ten years

“Spirit of the River” is my refuge, writes Richard Margolis.  “ It is an encounter with the eternal, a sublime experience, usually. The river keeps flowing and the islands resist and stay in place, no matter what tensions exist on the mainland. Wooden boats were created to carry us to one of these utopian retreats while ospreys glide over head. It’s an image that sustains me through Rochester’s winter. [View gallery].

Signed copies of the book, “Spirit of the River” are on sale at Winged Bull Studio, and will be available at The Antique Boat Museum, Winged Bull Studio and Corbins in Clayton, Cornwall Brothers Store (Art Center) and Treasure Island in Alex Bay, Boateak, Andress Boat Works in Rockport, Singer Castle on Dark Island, Captain Spicers, and Lyle's Lighthouse at TI Park.

To learn more about Photographer Richard Margolis, visit:


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